Seedpods of the Brassicaceae Family

In most members of this Family, the seedpod is a two-part capsule divided by a papery membrane,
opening from the bottom
, formed from a superior ovary.

Lunaria annua Seedpod

The Brassicaceae Family includes the following genera:

Aethionema, Alliaria, Alyssum, Anastatica, Arabis, Armoracia, Aubrieta, Brassica, Capsella, Cardamine, Chamira, Cheiranthus, Crambe, Draba, Eruca, Heliophila, Hesperis, Iberis, Matthiola, Pringlea, Raphanus, Sinapis, Thlaspi.

The seedpod (fruit) of members of this Family is distinctive. It is a two-part capsule with a papery division between the two sides. This is clearly seen in the popular plant Lunaria annua (Honesty), where the stems with the papery membrane remaining are often used in dried flower arrangements. The pod may be long and thin, as in Hesperis, containing many seeds, or short and fat, as in Aethionema, containing few seeds. The seedpod opens from the bottom, and each section may contain one or several seeds.

Some examples of seedpods of plants in this Family are:







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