Seedpods of the Campanulaceae Family

In most members of this Family, the seedpod is a capsule, containing many small seeds.

Campanula trachelium Seedpod

The Campanulaceae Family includes the following genera:

Adenophora, Asyneuma, Campanula, Campanumoea, Canarina, Cephalostigma, Codonopsis, Cyananthus, Edraianthus, Githopsis, Isotoma, Jasione, Legousia, Lightfootia, Merciera, Michauxia, Ostrowskia, Peracarpa, Phyteuma, Platycodon, Roella, Symphyandra, Trachelium, Wahlenbergia.

Sometimes, the ovary is inferior and sometimes it is superior. The capsule is usually dehiscent (opens when it is mature). In a few cases, it is indehiscent, and in two genera (Campanumoea and Canarina), the fruit (seedpod) is a berry.

In the genus Campanula, one of the most popular genera grown by gardeners, the seedpod is a bell or lantern-shaped, downward-facing capsule, which opens with three 'windows' on the top, and the seeds are pale beige almost flat ovals.

Some examples of seedpods of plants in this Family are:






C. barbata

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