Seedpods of the Geraniaceae Family

In most members of this Family, there are five seeds in a ring at the bottom of the style.

Geranium Seedpod

The Geraniaceae Family includes the following genera:

Biebersteinia, Dirachma, Erodium, Geranium, Monsonia, Pelargonium, Sarcocaulon, Viviania.

In most of the species grown by gardeners, there are five seeds in a circle at the base of the style, and each seed has a woody cover which usually remains attached to the style when the seed is shed, although it sometimes remains on the seed. The seeds are usually dark brown ovals, although they may be pale brown, as in Geranium macrorrhizum, and they may be pointed at one end, as in Erodium.

Some examples of seedpods of plants in this Family are:

G. sanguineum

G. macrorrhizum


G. pratense

G. ibericum

G. richardsonii

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