Seedpods of the Lamiaceae Family

In most members of this Family, there is no seedpod. There are four seeds inside each bract around the stem.

Salvia Seedpod

The Lamiaceae Family includes the following genera:

Agastache, Ajuga, Colquhounia, Lamium, Lavandula, Leonotis, Mentha, Micromeria, Monarda, Nepeta, Ocimum, Origanum, Perilla, Phlomis, Plectranthus, Rosmarinus, Salvia, Scutellaria, Solenostemon, Stachys, Teucrium, Thymus.

The flowers are usually in separate whorls around the stem, but the whorls can also be so close together as to form a terminal spike. The seeds, called nutlets, are held on a pad at the bottom of the calyx, and simply roll out when they are ripe.

Some examples of seedpods of plants in this Family are:







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