Seed Packets to Colour In

There are four pages of seed packets with outlines of flowers for you to colour in and make up yourself.
There are also two sizes of plain envelopes so you can draw your own picture or print the shape on coloured paper.
Click on the page number underneath to see the page and print it:

Page 1 (Columbine, Daisy, Foxglove)
Page 2 (Forget-me-not, Pansy, Snapdragon)
Page 3 (Poppy, French Marigold, Cornflower)
Page 4 (Mixed flowers)
Page 5 (3 large plain envelopes)
Page 6 (6 small plain envelopes)

To make the seed packets:

1. Print the page you want.

2. Colour the pictures. (It's easier to colour in the picture before you cut the shapes out.)

3. Write the name of the flower the seeds came from and your name on the back of the packet, so people know where the seeds came from. (It's easier to write on the packet before you put the seeds in.)

4. Cut out the packet shapes on the outside lines. (If you're not allowed to use scissors, get someone to help you cut the shapes out.)

5. Fold each packet along the dotted lines. Fold the side pieces under the flower picture.

6. Put glue on the two side flaps. Fold the back up and stick it over the side flaps. You can use sticky tape instead of glue if you want to. (Make sure the flaps are inside, or they will cover some of the writing on the back of the packet.)

7. Put seeds in the envelope.

8. Stick the top flap down on the back of the envelope with glue or sticky tape.

Hand-made packets filled with seeds you collected yourself make a nice present,
especially if you tie them together with a pretty ribbon.


(Please remember that these designs are all copyright. They are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.)

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