Seed Envelopes

I now have several designs for seed envelopes which can also be used for labels or gift tags.
(These designs are copyright. They are for personal use only and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes)

NEW! Children's Seed Packets - flower outlines for colouring in. Click here for details.

Print and Paste Envelopes

Just print out the page you want, cut out the shapes, fold in the side flaps, put glue on them, and fold the back up. You can use sticky tape instead of glue if you prefer.

Garden Flowers Series Seed Packets - with the name of the flower and a photograph on. Click here for details. Other designs are:

Flower Designs
Other Plant Designs
Other Designs

Square Packets

These are all rectangular packets about 3" x 2", with three packets per page. If you'd rather have smaller square envelopes, the following patterns have six packets about 2" x 2" per page:

Labels and Gift Cards

In case you want to use the designs for labelling jam jars (or anything else), or as gift cards, the pictures are also ready to print out, without the seed packet shape, on the following pages:

Folded Envelopes

If you'd rather make your envelopes without using scissors, glue or sticky tape, I've modified some of the designs, and there are three pages, each with four designs, for folded envelopes (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3). Just print out the page, cut or tear it in quarters along the solid line, fold along the dotted lines for the sides, fold up the back, fold over the two top corners, and tuck the flap between the folded sides.

Please note: European A4 size paper is slightly narrower and longer than the normal US paper size. The envelope templates should print out OK on both, but the folded one is designed for A4 size, and you may need to alter it to fit your paper if you're in the US.

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