Index of Plants by Botanical Name

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Latin Name
Common Name
Cleome (many) Spider Flower
Cleome hassleriana (spinosa) Spider Flower
Clerodendrum colebrookianum Glorybower
Clerodendrum myricoides Glorybower
Clerodendrum speciosissimum Glorybower, Java Glorybower
Clethra barbinervis Summer Sweet
Clianthus (many) Lobster Claw
Clianthus puniceus Lobster Claw
Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea
Clivia miniata Kaffir Lily
Clivia miniata citrina Kaffir Lily
Cobaea scandens Cup and Saucer Vine
Coccoloba uvifera Seaside Grape
Codonopsis Codonopsis
Coffea arabica Coffee
Colchicum Meadow Saffron
Colutea x media Bladder Senna
Colvillea racemosa Colville's Glory
Commelina coelestis Day Flower
Consolida ajacis Larkspur
Convolvulus althaeoides Mallow-leaved Bindweed
Convolvulus cantabricus Cantabrian Morning Glory
Convolvulus chilensis Convolvulus
Convolvulus sabatius Ground Blue Convolvulus
Convolvulus tricolor Morning Glory
Cordia (sebestina?) Geiger Tree, Jungle Geranium
Cordia myxa Assyrian Plum
Cordyline Cabbage Palm
Coreopsis grandiflora Tickseed
Coreopsis tinctoria Tickseed
Cornus kuosa chinensis Dogwood
Coronilla valentina ssp glauca Sea Green
Cortusa matthioli Alpine Bells
Cortusa turkestanica Cortusa
Corydalis cava Bulbous Corydalis
Corydalis lutea Yellow Corydalis
Corydalis ophiocarpa Yellow Corydalis
Corydalis wilsonii Corydalis
Corymbia calophylla Red Gum
Cosmidium burridgeanum Burridge's Greenthread
Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos
Costus speciosus Crepe Ginger
Cotyledon orbiculata v orbiculata Pig's Ear, Round-leaved Navelwort
Couropita Cannonball Tree
Crambe abyssinica Abyssinian Mustard
Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn, May
Crepis Hawsbeard
Crescentia alata Calabash
Crinodendron hookerianum Lantern Tree
Crinodendron patagua Lily of the Valley Tree
Crocosmia masoniorum Montbretia
Crocus (many) Crocus
Crocus goulimyi Crocus
Crossandra undulifolia (infundibulifolia) Firecracker Flower
Cryptostegia grandiflora Rubber Vine
Cryptostegia madagascariensis Rubber Vine
Cubanola domingensis Cubanola, Tree Lily
Cuphea viscossima Clammy Cuphea
Cuspidaria convoluta Pink Vine
Cyananthus lobatus trailing Bellflower
Cyananthus microphyllus Trailing Bellflower
Cyclamen (many) Cyclamen
Cyclamen hederifolium Cyclamen, Spring Sowbread
Cyclanthera pedata Stuffing Gourd
Cymbalaria muralis Ivy-leaved Toadflax
Cynara cardunculus Cardoon
Cynoglossum amabile Chinese Forget-me-Not
Cyrtanthus elatus (purpureus) Scarborough Lily, Vallota
Cytisus x praecox Broom
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