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This is an Index to all the plants included in The Seed Site. In some cases, there is quite a lot of information about a plant. The Plant Profiles section includes a photograph of the flower, description of the plant, its botanical classification, and photographs of the seedpod, seed (both life size and in close up), and seedling, with information about how I germinated the seed. Where a plant is included in the Plant Profiles section, the links in this Index are to the page in that section, because all the information is together there.

On the other hand, there are a lot of plants for which I only have germination information, and these are lumped together in the Index as (many). These links take you to the page with information about all the species in the genus I've managed to germinate.

To make it easier to find the information you're looking for, the Index is in two parts. There's a list of all the plants included here in alphabetical order of their Latin or botanical name, and another list in alphabetical order of their common names. While there is only one Latin name for each plant, the same common name can refer to several different plants, or a plant can have several different common names. Because I'm not familiar with all the plants I grow, I don't know all their common names, so I've looked them up on the internet. In many cases, it seems that the 'common name' is just someone's translation of the Latin name rather than a common name used by people familiar with the actual plant. It amazes me the lengths some people will go to to avoid using the proper name for a plant! If you're going to learn the name of a plant that's new to you, why not learn the correct name in the first place? So do be careful if you're using a common name for a plant, and try and check a description or photograph somewhere so that you know exactly which plant you're looking up.

Index of Plants by Latin (Botanical) name:

Plants are listed in alphabetical order of their Latin name on the following pages:


Index of Plants by Common name:

Plants are listed in alphabetical order of their Common Name on the following pages:


You can also use the Common Names Index to find the Latin name of a plant, or the Index of Latin names to find the common name of a plant.

In most sections of The Seed Site, plants are listed in alphabetical order of their Latin names, so if you know the Latin name, you can simply scroll through the entries in that section if you're looking for information about a particular plant.

There is also a photographic index for all the plants included in the Plant Profiles section. This is a page of small colour photos of all the flowers in each category, linked to the page about them. There is also a photographic index for the Weeds section. These colour index pages are here:

50 Favourite Annuals ~ 50 Favourite Perennials ~ 50 Rockery and Alpine Plants ~ 50 British Wildflowers ~ 50 Weeds

Botanists are always trying to make sure that plants have the correct botanical name, which means they sometimes need to correct a name we're familiar with. They also sometimes need to move plants into different Plant Families as they find out more about them using current scientific methods. For instance, they've recently reclassified many plants based on their dna rather than just what they look like, which was all they had to base the original plant classification systems on. There's a note about this, and a list of some of the plants they've changed the name of or put into a different Family here.

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There are a lot of entries here, and I hope at least most of them take you to the right page. If you find a link that doesn't, please let me know, so I can correct it. Thanks!


Entries in the Botany section with information on Latin and common names

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