HOSTA Hybrids

Plantain Lily, Funkia



Height: 2-3' (60-90cm)
Flowering Time: Summer
Flower Colour: White, mauve

Botanical Classification:


Angiospermae (Angiosperms)
Subclass: Dicotyledonae (Dicotyledons)
Superorder: Liliidae (Lily Superorder)
Order: Liliales (Lily Order)
Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family)
(under the APGIII system, this plant is now in the
Asparagaceae Family)
Genus: Hosta (Plantain Lily)
Species: hybrids

Hosta hybrids are useful plants for damp, shady places. They form large, lush clumps of huge pleated and puckered leaves, many marbled or edged in gold or silver, which give a luxurious look to the garden. The flower spikes can rise to 3 or 4 feet, with solid flowers in shades of mauve or white. Hostas are usually known by their Latin name, and there are many popular hybrids grown for their particular leaf shapes or colours.

Slugs and snails are their main enemy, and can quickly spoil the leaves. Hostas are happy in sun or shade, but cannot tolerate dry conditions.


Harvesting and Growing from Seed:


Outside (144 days)
Deno (12 days)

Seed Pod The seed pod is torpedo-shaped, opening along the side joints.

Seed The seeds are flat black ovals, with a round bulge at one end, looking like newly-hatched
tadpoles. They are stacked in rows in each section of the seed pod.

Seedling The seedling has one fat grassy leaf.

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