Photographs, descriptions and Botanical Classification
of some favourite garden plants


This section has details of some popular plants you can easily grow from seed. There are details of 50 Favourite Annuals, 50 Favourite Perennials, 50 Alpine and Rockery Plants, and 50 British Wildflowers. There is a page for each plant, with a large photograph of the flower, its botanical classification, descriptions and photos of the seed, seedpod and seedling and germination information from other parts of The Seed Site.

As well as the index to each category by Common and Latin Name, there is also a picture index for each category, showing the flowers in that section in order of colour. If you don't know the name of a plant, you might recognise the flower, or you could use the colour photos to help you find a plant of a particular colour or type to suit a particular place in your garden. Click on the flower icon beside the category below to see the photographic index, or click on the category name to go to the list of plants included in that category.

50 Favourite Annuals
50 Favourite Perennials
50 Rockery and Alpine Plants
50 British Wildflowers

The plants are listed on the basis of how they are usually grown in the UK. Some plants listed as annuals may therefore be perennials which are not able to survive the winter here, and some may be biennials. There's more about that on this page.

Some of the plants could be included in several categories - alpines are usually small perennials, and they might be British wildflowers. Some wildflowers are commonly grown as annuals or perennials. Other wildflowers are usually considered weeds. There are brief details of some of these in the Weeds section. There's more about British wildflowers here.

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