NOLANA paradoxa



Height: 6" (15cm)
Flowering Time: Summer
Flower Colour: Blue, white.

Botanical Classification:


Angiospermae (Angiosperms)
Subclass: Dicotyledonae (Dicotyledons)
Superorder: Asteridae (Daisy Superorder)
Order: Polemoniales (Jacob's Ladder Order)
Family: Solanaceae (Potato Family)
Genus: Nolana
Species: paradoxa (unexpected)
Nolana paradoxa

Nolana paradoxa is an annual that has become popular in recent years, both for the border or rockery, and in hanging baskets. It produces succulent creeping stems with fleshy pointed leaves, and large frilly trumpet flowers in blue with a white centre and yellow throat, or pure white with a yellow throat.


Harvesting and Growing from Seed:


Inside (5 days)
Deno (3 days)

Seed Pod The seeds are inside the folded calyx.

Seed The seeds are black irregular chips. There are several seeds in each pod.

Seedling The seedling is fleshy, with pointed leaves.

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