NERINE bowdenii

Nerine, Guernsey Lily



Height: 2-4' (60-120cm)
Flowering Time: Summer
Flower Colour: Pink.

Botanical Classification:


Angiospermae (Angiosperms)
Subclass: Monocotyledonae (Monocotyledons)
Superorder: Liliidae (Lily Superorder)
Order: Liliales (Lily Order)
Family: Amaryllidaceae (Daffodil Family)
Genus: Nerine (Guernsey Lily)
Species: hybrids

Nerine bowdenii is an unusual bulbous plant from South Africa, producing tall straight stems topped with clusters of spidery flowers in shades of pink or white in autumn. It is best planted in clumps, both because the flowers are rather insignificant on their own, and because there is not much else available that is in flower at the same time.

Although I have sown seed in pots, I have found that Nerine seeds often germinate as soon as they are ripe, even in packets stored in the fridge. This is probably an adaptation to life in their native country, as it would be important for seeds to germinate as soon as they are ripe, which is when the rainy season begins.


Harvesting and Growing from Seed:


(92 days)*

Seed Pod The seedpod is a thin papery covering over the seeds.

Seed The seeds are large purplish balls. There are several seeds in a pod.

Seedling The seedling has one thin grassy leaf.

*Fresh seeds germinate quickly. Stored seeds take much longer to germinate.

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