ARENARIA balearica

Corsican Sandwort



Height: 1" (2.5cm)
Flowering Time: Spring, Summer
Flower Colour: White

Botanical Classification:


Angiospermae (Angiosperms)
Subclass: Dicotyledonae (Dicotyledons)
Superorder: Caryophyllidae (Pinks Superorder)
Order: Caryophyllales (Pinks Order)
Family: Caryophyllaceae (Pinks Family)
Genus: Arenaria (Sandwort)
Species: balearica (from the Balearic Islands)
Arenaria balearica

Arenaria balearica is a neat little plant forming spreading mats of minute bright green leaves. In spring and summer, it is covered in little white flowers with yellow centres, borne singly on 1" stems. It roots as it goes, so can quickly cover large areas, which may or may not be a desirable characteristic, as it can be invasive in the right conditions. However, this also makes propagation easy, as even a tiny piece can be potted up to form a new plant.


Harvesting and Growing from Seed:


Outside (17 days)
Deno (17 days)

Seed Pod The seedpod is a tiny ball.

Seed The seeds are tiny black balls. There are several seeds in a pod.

Seedling The seedling is small, with tiny bright green leaves.

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