SILENE vulgaris
(SILENE cucubalus,
SILENE latifolia)

Bladder Campion, White Bottle



Height: 1-2' (30-60 cm)
Flowering Time: Summer, autumn
Flower Colour: White

Botanical Classification:


Angiospermae (Angiosperms)
Subclass: Dicotyledonae (Dicotyledons)
Superorder: Caryophyllidae (Pinks Superorder)
Order: Caryophyllales (Pinks Order)
Family: Caryophyllaceae (Pinks Family)
Genus: Silene (Catchfly)
Species: vulgaris (common)
Silene vulgaris

Silene vulgaris is an elegant wild flower, with thin stems up to 2' tall, but usually less, with waxy-looking greyish green pointed leaves. The flowers are in hanging clusters, and have five divided white petals with a frilly look, inside a translucent inflated pale green calyx with brownish veins. It grows in grassy places.


Harvesting and Growing from Seed:


Outside (16 days)
Outside (168 days)

Seed Pod The seedpod is a capsule inside the calyx.

Seed The seeds are small dark brown commas. There are many seeds in a seed pod.

Seedling The seedling has grey pointed leaves.

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