This is a list of some of the species I've germinated successfully. It does not include seeds that haven't germinated. If I have been able to germinate seeds by a particular method, it does not mean that this is the 'right' way to germinate seeds of this species. It is only proof that this way worked for these particular seeds on this particular occasion. As some of these methods are different from those advocated by other gardeners, it only goes to show that there is no 'right' way, and it's worth trying several to try and find the one that will persuade your particular seeds to germinate.

The methods I use to germinate the seeds are:

In = seeds sown in pots of compost and kept indoors on a worktop or windowsill.
Out = seeds sown in pots of compost and kept in uncovered trays outside in the open or on a shelf unit with covered sides.
Prop = seeds sown in pots of compost and kept inside in a covered plastic container with bottom heat.
Deno = seeds placed in folded damp paper towel placed in a plastic bag, kept in a kitchen cupboard or shelf.

I don't put pots of seeds in the fridge, I don't move pots from outside to inside, I don't use growlights, I don't use orange juice, alcohol or giberrelic acid.

I usually nick large seeds and soak them in hot water for about an hour, and I sow small seeds on the surface of the compost.

There's more about how I sow seeds in the Seed Sowing section.

In the tables in this section, the number indicates the number of days from sowing to first germination. Other seeds in the same pot may have taken longer to germinate. The seasons in the headings are when I sowed the seeds. My 'sowing year' starts in Autumn - roughly September to November, which overlaps with Winter - late November to February. Spring is round about March to May, and Summer is June to August for me.

There are over 1700 species listed here, with germination results for over 2000 batches of seed, so the entries are on several pages:

I've used the botanical names, as many of these plants don't have a common name, and the Latin name is the same all over the world. If you only know the common name of a plant, you can check the Common Names Index, but not all the plants listed here are included. You can search for the botanical name and the entries about the plant using this Search Box:

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